26 February 2017
The Southern Summer School
Hosted by BAK
Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht (NL)
All welcome, free entrance

The Southern Summer School
Lecture by Yvette Mutumba
How can we work towards creating non-normative spaces that are open to a multiplicity of stories, histories, languages, cultures, voices, and sounds? How can we actively challenge eurocentric paradigms in the art world and form relationships of solidarity and exchange across national boundaries?
The Southern Summer School is a collective project that brings together art practitioners and cultural workers based in South Africa, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, around questions of decolonisation, art, and social justice. If we acknowledge that the colonial involvement of the Dutch and the British empire in South Africa is not only a historical fact that may be consigned to the past, but that coloniality continues to operate in the present, this means we all carry responsibility to further decolonise this world we live in and the art world we work in.

There is a growing ”Hype“ around so called ”Global Art“, a notion which often mainly refers to art production from non-European and non-US-American contexts. The perception of contemporary art from African perspectives is part of that phenomenon. While this is without a doubt interesting, it also shows the still inherent hierarchies between “the Center“ and “the Periphery“. Why else would it be called a "Hype“ whereas the inclusion of artistic positions from Africa and the Diaspora in exhibitions and collections should actually be normality in a “global situation”.
In this talk Yvette Mutumba will speak about her practice as an art historian, curator and editor dedicated to strengthen the visibility of and discourse around contemporary art from African Perspectives. By presenting a selection of her most recent projects she will discuss her approach of using methodologies, which seek to mediate and propagate marginalised, complex (art) histories and debates in an accessible way to create new counter-narratives in a cultural discourse.

The Southern Summer School
Lecture by Wayne Modest

In this talk curator and academic Wayne Modest will discuss his practice as the head of the Research Center for Material Culture at the Tropenmuseum, Afrika Museum and Museum Volkenkunde and his research interests, which include issues of connectedness, belonging and displacement, museum anthropology, difficult/contested heritage, the Caribbean, and urban life.

The Southern Summer School

Vegetarian dinner and drinks

The Southern Summer School
Evening Program

Have you checked your privilege lately?
by Thato Magano

Crepuscular Dreams of (Dis-)Alienation
by Chooc Ly Tan

The Remnant
by Judith Westerveld followed by a discussion

Soft to Shrapnel
by Sophie Hoyle

A serie of works by Miguel Peres dos Santos in dialogue with the audience