25 February 2017
The Southern Summer School
Hosted by BAK
Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht (NL)
All welcome, free entrance

The Southern Summer School
Reading Program
How can we work towards creating non-normative spaces that are open to a multiplicity of stories, histories, languages, cultures, voices, and sounds? How can we actively challenge eurocentric paradigms in the art world and form relationships of solidarity and exchange across national boundaries?
The Southern Summer School is a collective project that brings together art practitioners and cultural workers based in South Africa, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, around questions of decolonisation, art, and social justice. If we acknowledge that the colonial involvement of the Dutch and the British empire in South Africa is not only a historical fact that may be consigned to the past, but that coloniality continues to operate in the present, this means we all carry responsibility to further decolonise this world we live in and the art world we work in.

The Role of Sowetan artists in the 21st century
Short lecture by Phumzile Twala

‘A What?’
Reading by Thato Magano followed by discussion

Decolonising Bonaire: The Importance of Afro-Caribbean Voices
Lecture by Alfie Martis followed by discussion

#FreeTheArt: Cultural Identity, Inherited Heritage, Values and Ethics
Short lecture by Simangaliso Sibiya

Poemas de la izquierda erótica
Poetry reading by Gisela Carrasco-Miro

Connecting Dutch Islamophobia with its Colonial Past
Two short lectures by Uzair Ben Ebrahim and Alina Jabbari

Short lecture by Simone Zeefuik

Laying Goose Eggs
Performative reading by Sandra Nanteza

Radio Interviews
Ilga Minjon in conversation with Sara-Aimee Verity, Simangaliso Sibiya, Nelmarie du Preez and Dorine van Meel

The Southern Summer School

Vegetarian dinner

The Southern Summer School
Panel Discussion

Researcher and curator Imara Limon in conversation with artists Uzair Ben Ebrahim, Thato Magano, Inez Blanca van der Scheer and Jacqueline Tizora on their participation in #Rhodesmustfall, #Feesmustfall and the University of Colour.

The Southern Summer School
Evening Program

An evening with performances by artists Sara-Aimee Verity as well as Gloria Holwerda-Williams under the title SINTUATION AWARENESS, music by DJ Lonely (Jonas Ohlsson) + Scripted Reality (Ilga Minjon) and Discourse (Katayoun Arian & Sophia Seawell), drinks and dances.